The main activity of Finance Info Assistance Ltd. is the purchase of receivables and their collection.

If your receivable has been sold to Finance Info Assistance EOOD, then you have in some way violated your contractual obligations with your previous creditor.

The main goal of Finance Info Assistance Ltd. is to collect its receivables, and for this purpose our team of lawyers has extensive experience in order and enforcement proceedings. In order to avoid the court system, which will unnecessarily burden the debtor with additional fees and costs, lost time and negative emotions, the employees of Finance Info Assistance Ltd. are always ready to meet with debtors and find the most appropriate way and scheme to repay obligation, in the interest of both parties.

Voluntary agreement is the best option for both you and us, thus both parties make certain commitments, giving peace of mind and confidence, so that the obligation is repaid without unnecessary costs and time for both parties.

Judicial recovery is a procedure that burdens the debtor with additional costs over the original debt. In addition to the monetary increase of the initial debt, the debtor is limited by seizure of bank accounts, labor and other types of remuneration, seizure of receivables, leases, motor vehicles; foreclosures on real estate, etc.

The other pages aimed at debtors provide more detailed information on the costs and fees due by them.