Finance security group JSC is a company specialized in the management of shareholding. This is related to the current management of their activity and search for new opportunities for development by buying or selling shares.
Since its establishment, the company or its subsidiaries have bought several companies mainly specialized in the financial, insurance and automotive business.
In the middle of 2016 “Finance info assistance” LTD. after obtaining permission for concentration between enterprises of the Commission for Protection of Competition has gained sole control over “Piraeus leasing” JSC. On August 03, 2016 was registered a change of the name of the company to “Leasing Finance” JSC
At the end of 2016, “Finance info Assistance” LTD. purchased the longtime insurance broker “Armi Group” LTD. The aim was to achieve synergy and increase the profitability in the group related to the acquisition of the leasing company “Leasing Finance” JSC
In 2017, following the receipt of decision No 693 of the Commission for Protection of Competition, which allowed the concentration between enterprises, sole control of “TBI Rent” JSC was acquired by “Leasing Finance” EAD. The deal was finalized and entered into the July 11, 2017 in the Commercial register. On the same date a change in the name of the company to “M rent” JSC was entered.
In 2018, two new companies in the group “Finance Assistance Management” REIT and “Sky pay” JSC were established. The group’s objectives are to cover all financial services by the companies in the group, and the two newly established companies will work in the recovery of debt collection and fast loans.
The company continues to seek appropriate investment in these sectors, while continuing to develop the activities of the companies in the group.