Integration of the business activities – a major advantage over our competitors

  • A combination of two significantly different approaches aiming towards a single goal – namely, the collection of portfolios of distressed receivables.

On the one hand, Fisco Group Ltd. keeps communication, holds meetings and conducts visits to debtors, not limiting its activities to only one of these approaches. On the other hand, Finance Info Assistance Ltd. has the legal and economic resources necessary for conducting executive lawsuits in case the debt can not be collected out of court.

  • The two companies have at their disposal advanced integrated software and telecommunication channels developed specifically for the needs of their debt collection and legal business activities.
  • This operational integration allows for flexible solutions as per the specifics of the particular collection case.

The secondary effects of the activity are:

  • Improves customer awareness about the products of the trading company, about their overdue, how and when they are formed, how and where they can be paid.
  • We collect information from the customers of the trading company about the reasons for the past due, satisfaction or discontent of the products and services provided to them, the reactions of the clients resulting in contact with them, etc.
  • • Renew the database with the coordinates of the customers and contact persons, replace invalid addresses and phones with up to date. The information received is summarized and is provided for the needs of the trading company.